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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diwali Precautions, Diwali Safety

Diwali is the night of fright - firecrackers will explode at every corner of every street. So safety first.

Wear any kind of fabric you like - so steer clear of flames. Light your Diwali Diyas before you dress so that you don't light up yourself.

Erase the word 'trend' from your dictionary. Western, eastern, fusion - apparels come in all shapes and sizes. Wear your attitude first.

Diwali is the festival of lights not for just any reason. Spread love, cheer and happiness wound you! Be light and have fun!


membership card printing said...


Dewali is an important event for Hindus and there are so many Indian are celebrates this event.

Krishna said...

I miss diwali very much because every diwali we go to our native village and with our all old friends we celebrate this nice festivals ...
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Zafran ali said...

Diwali is an important event for Hindus,I would like to say Happy Diwali to all Hindus,Best of luck & keep enjoy this event.
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Zafran ali said...

No doubt about it Diwali is heart of Hindus,And they are celebrates this event.Because this is part of Hindus life.

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